Does this guy sound crazy to you?

ght texts also. He had his moods also though but blamed it on drugs. When I got mad he told me he’s ill which is why it took him a while one day to respond & that he was falling for me and wished we were closer to get sexual. I was developing feelings also but he was rushing things & getting so intense so I blocked him but did let him down first. He then created 3 fake accounts to try to get me back and messaged my sister (who he also does not know) but she blocked him as she was freaked out. I unblocked him to explain my reasoning and he was really upset claiming that I was talking to other guys & that he doesn’t want relationships/sex but he said that talking to me turns him on & wanted me to tell him what I wanted from him. I re-blocked him and he created another fake account but I just blocked again.

He now wears a T-shirt with my name on it?

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